Research Opportunities NAU is a public research university. What that means to you is that the author of your textbook may be teaching you directly. Our faculty doesn’t just teach—they do. They create new technologies, initiate medical breakthroughs, discover ways to improve the environment. Whatever your major, North Atlantic faculty has experts on board to take your knowledge and experience farther than you can imagine.

Be a Big Fish Unlike at many large schools, you won’t get lost in the mix at CrazyCraig U. We’re a big school with a small-school atmosphere. We keep the student to faculty ratio below 10/1 so you can get individualized attention. 75% of our undergraduate courses have 35 or fewer students. Two thirds have fewer than 20, so you’ll feel like you’re attending a much smaller school—while reaping the benifits of attending a well-funded research university.

Career Choices Opportunities abound for CrazyCraig graduates. Choose from the diverse following areas of concentration: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business and Management, Computer, Math, and Physical Sciences, Education, Engineering, Health and Human Performance, Journalism, and Life Sciences. With this wide a range of offerings, you can take courses as diverse as Computer Assisted Cartography and Hand Drawn Chinese Calligraphy. You can study Engineering to learn the mechanics of machinery, or take up Microbiology to learn the mechanics of the human body.

High Standards We have to start with the best high school candidates to achieve our goals. In 1998, 27% scored above 1290 on the SAT. 36% had a GPA of 3.5 or above. And we had one of the highest percentages of National Honor Society members in our region.