We are proud of our athletic programs at CrazyCraig University. Both our men's and women's programs have produced some outstanding accomplishments for our athletes, and exciting action for our fans.

Men's Intercollegiate Sports

From our successful football team, the defending SuperSeven champions, to our men's basketball team who has produced such pro superstars as Elvin Jones, RL Greenway, and Julius Campbell, to our competitive hockey and lacrosse teams, our men's athletic programs create great pride for NAU.

Women's Intercollegiate Sports

Our women's soccer and field hockey teams have been SuperSeven champions three years running, and our new women's basketball program has achieved great success in their first two seasons. In fact, it is almost impossible to get a ticket to a Lady Snowdragons basketball game now, unless you are an NAU student.

Intramural Sports

NAU provides plenty of action for our non-varsity althletes, too. We have intramural programs in basketball, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, softball, racquetball, and dozens of other sports. If you want the thrill of competition, it's available to you. So don't sit on the sidelines another minute!