It is the morning again. Every morning you can here the church bells.
I have to admit it is a beautiful sound

Let's stop and get some fruit and water for lunch.
Let's invite everyone else to come.

Why don't we take in a full view of this section and then
let's go over to that big white church over there.

This church is being renovated so it is bright.
On our map I notice there are big churchs everywhere.

I just noticed a memorial to the US about 911. I can't read Italian but I can
tell what it is.

We can get on a boat, right over here and head toward the big square called
St. Marcos.

We met a friend along the way. Her name is Van.

That bridge up ahead is kind of famous. It is called the Realalto.

Check out that crazy clock!

Here we are in St. Mark's Square. This place is big.
I wonder if my camera can get it all in?

Oh No Van! Watch out!

All right, let's go in there. It looks like Disneyland but really I can tell there
is a history here that is nothing like where I come from.

That person over there is waving. I think she does not want me to take pictures.

OK, I know I am being bad but you have to see this!
Wow! What you are looking at are little pictures of saints surrounded buy all
kinds of jems! The whole thing is made of solid gold!

I am having a great time so far.

How about we get back on a boat and head to
the next island? I think it is called Morano.

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