I hope I can figure out this train station.
I am not awake so I am not sure. Signs are in Italian only.

It is 5am and I need sleep...
I look terrible on video!
ok, let's take a first class train.

Let's spend some time in the dinning car of this train.

The Pantheon (Latin Pantheon, from Greek Pantheion, meaning "Temple of all the Gods". is a building in Rome
which was originally built as a temple to the seven deities of the seven planets in the state religion of Ancient Rome,
but which has been a Christian church since the 7th century.
It is the best-preserved of all Roman buildings and the oldest important building in the world with its original roof intact.
It has been in continuous use throughout its history.
Although the identity of the Pantheon's primary architect remains uncertain, it is largely assigned to Apollodorus of Damascus.

Spanish Steps. A place for romance.

He wants money for a picture.

Not sure what painting this is.

Eating pasta right outside the Vatican.

The Colosium! If a person comes on the last Sunday of the month then
all these places and all the museums are free!

There is so much history here. Look at that thing over there.

Wow! The all seeing eye! I need to get a closer picture.

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