Although public awareness of the impact of global deforestation has increased
in recent years, it has not slowed the rate of deforestation appreciably. Over the
past 8,000 years, nearly one half of the forests that once covered the Earth have
been converted to farms, pastures, and other uses. A comprehensive assessment of
the state of the world's forests indicate that total forested area continues to decline
significantly. In the past decade alone, at least 200 million hectares of tropical forest --
three times the area of France -- have been cut. Forests provide habitat to a diverse
selection of wildlife. Tropical forests, for example, are home to more than 50 percent
of the world's species. As storehouses of carbon, forests are key to regulating climate.
Loss of forested areas undermines the stability and resiliency of the global environment
on which economies and populations depend. In addition, forests provide services vital
to a local population, such as control of erosion, steady provision of water across rainy
and dry seasons, and regulation of rainfall. Taken together, the loss of these services to
deforestation can upset local economies and subject local population to economic instability.

Latin America/Caribbean
North America


Rainforest Alliance
The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the
conservation of tropical forests for the benefit of the global community. Our mission
is to develop and promote economically viable and socially desirable alternatives to
the destruction of this endangered, biologically diverse natural resource. We pursue
this mission through education, research in the social and natural sciences, and the
establishment of cooperative partnerships with businesses, governments, and local peoples.

Rainforest Action Network
Since it was founded in 1985, the Rainforest Action Network has been working to protect
tropical rainforests and the human rights of those living in and around those forests.
From the beginning, the Network has played a key role in strengthening the worldwide
rainforest conservation movement through supporting activists in tropical countries as
well as organizing and mobilizing consumers and community action groups throughout
the United States.

Rainforest Foundation International
Founded in 1989, The Rainforest Foundation International (RFI) was one of the first
organizations to advocate the twin needs of protecting both the rainforests and the
cultures that relied on them for their very survival.
Latin America/Caribbean

Honduras Siempre Verde

New Forests Project
The New Forests Project (NFP) is a people-to-people, direct-action program
established in 1982 in an effort to initiate reforestation and reduce deforestation.
The New Forests Project provides farmers, community organizations, and
environmental groups with the training and materials necessary to begin
successful reforestation projects. They work in El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala,
and Honduras.


European Forest Institute
The European Forest Institute is an independent non-governmental organization
conducting European forest research.

Rainforest Foundation UK
The mission of the Rainforest Foundation is to support indigenous people and traditional
populations of the world's rainforests in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfil
their rights by assisting them in securing and controlling the natural resources necessary for
their long term well being and developing means to protect their individual and collective
rights and to obtain, shape and control basic services from the state.

The Royal Forestry Society
The Royal Forestry Society is based in the UK and caters for all who care about forestry,
forests, woodlands and trees, their husbandry and their future.
North America

American Forests
American Forests is the oldest conservation organization in the United States today.
For more than 120 years--since 1875--American Forests has worked to ensure a sustainable
future for our nation's forests.

The mission of Ecotrust is to support the emergence of a conservation economy in the coastal
temperate rain forest region of North America, which stretches from Northern California to SE Alaska.

Ecotrust Canada
Ecotrust Canada is a private, non-profit organization developing creative and innovative approaches
to conservation-based development in the coastal temperate rain forests of British Columbia.

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