We made it to Venice, Italy!
We are at the bus terminal and it looks like the map and
where are at are not the same. Oh well I am sure we will figure it out.
There are tons of tourists here. They are all lost just like us.
It is strange to have no car streets at all! It is all boats past
the bus terminal. Venice is one of several islands.

I just know the camera can not really show how beautiful this place is!

This is interesting. Not something you might see back home.

I love this. Look at this guy selling food.

Ok after checking in to my little place I will take a walk
Oh look Geloto! Back home it is terrible! but here
it is oh sooooo good!Creamy and oh I want some!

Let's check out this church.

I am getting hungry. Can we go find food before we call it a night?

One more short walk and then we will call it a night.

Ok we better call it a night so we will have energy tomorrow.

Here is an over view map.

micheal wacky smells bad aluf mine Crazy

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