Here we are in the San Francisco Airport.

I can see our plane from Air France out the
side window.

Up Up and away! Goodbye S.F!
First stop over will be the Paris Airport.

The computer shows real time as we fly. Very cool!

The view over the French Alps is sooooo much better
then what the camera can show.

Over the french country side. I am remembering back in 2001
when I went to France. I was a Cloon (French Clown) for a childrens ministry.

Oh no!

One of the terminals in the Paris airport is closed and we
missed our flight! Oh well, when we take adventures things can not always go perfect.
This is a beautiful airport. I wish I had more time so I could go out and see Paris again.

Since the two of us have a few hours to kill I will tell you a little about my
past trip to France. be continued

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