Dear CrazyCraig,

I used to have a drug addition, alcohol addiction, clown addiction,
chives, Herpes Simplex 7, the bends, crabs, schizophrenia, schizophrenia ,
sore feet, and the common flu but after one visit to your web site they
were all gone! Thanks so much Craig!


I saw you picture on your web site and I just wanted to say that I think you are
very sexy. Matter of fact I would like to take XXX XXXX and XXXXX XX XX
XX XXXXX. After that we could take some jello and XXXXX XX XX XX XXXXX.
Then if you want you can XXXX it out.

Please let me know.

my name is jimmy i am 7 years old and like your web.
it makes me luagh ok so your friend Jim.

Dr Sir,

I would just like to say I am sick of all the filth I see on your web site!
How dare you have an e-mail for provocative wording that young people
can read! You think just because you X ed out most of the wording that
young people canít figure out what was written. You are a depraved man
and wish you would just stop!!!!!


This is your friend Ana. So what is with this? You have
pictures of everyone else but where is mine?


I have told you that I will have no connection with your human affairs!
You must no longer list me on your web site or your planet will pay!
I am sending my armada to distroy Disneyland now!

The Glalactic Overlord

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